How to Wash Hair Properly in 6 Simple Steps

Do you think your hair got damaged completely as it lost the shine like before? Do you want to regrow hair and get back the shiny hair? Can you believe it happens by properly washing your hair?

Yes, shampooing your hair the right way will make your hair look as gorgeous it was once. Of course, these days in this hustling and bustling world we’re occupied with loads of works. We might not have enough time to take good care of the hair. But still, none of such factors must create an impact on your hair.

You must make sure you take proper care of your hair, skin, and health regularly.

How to get healthy hair? Is this your question?

Well, shampooing your hair the right way can help with most of the hair issues. Good quality shampoo and conditioner is what you need.

So, in this article, you’ll find the right way to use shampoo and conditioner for daily hair wash in order to promote healthy hair growth.

How To Wash Your Hair Properly?

You need to follow these below-mentioned steps to undo the damage done to your hair and promote a flawless healthy hair and scalp.

Things You’ll need:

  • A wide Toothed Comb
  • Natural and Organic Shampoo (You can check this link for best organic shampoos without chemicals)
  • Hair Conditioner

The 6 steps:

  1. Before you take a shower, comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb gently and properly. This step ensures to remove tangles that leads to hair breakage while shampooing hair.
  2. The second step is to wet your tresses
  3. Now, take your preferable shampoo and gently massage your hair with it. Work the shampoo from the roots to tips of your hair. Massage in circular motions without leaving any hair strands.
  4. Rinse your hair with only cold water. Don’t use extremely high-temperature water do wash your hair.
  5. The next step is to apply the conditioner. You must apply the conditioner only on the tips of your hair. Apply the conditioner and let it sit on your hair for five minutes. This step will strengthen hair cuticles and gives a luscious glow.
  6. Finally, wash off the conditioner and use a towel to blot the hair. Don’t tightly wrap the towel over your head because it causes pressure that can lead to hair breakage. Also, make sure to dry your hair naturally without using any hair dryers because they can make your hair rough, dry and prone to damage.

Hair Care Tips For A Beautiful Hair

  • A balanced and nutritious diet keeps your skin, and body healthy. To have gorgeous hair, you must eat right. Try to include foods like Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, iron, selenium, and vitamin D to boost hair growth and reduce hair problems.
  • Make sure you deep condition your hair with Oils at least twice a week. Deep conditioning natural with oil will stimulate hair growth, deal with common hair problems, nourishes hair, protects hair from heat, banishes dry scalp and hair breakage.
  • Don’t pick chemical-based hair products loaded with SLS, parabens, and other harsh chemicals. They damage your hair to a thousandfold. Always read the list of ingredients, research the ingredients online, and then choose the products.
  • Never do tight braids, hairstyles, or ponytails. They increase the pressure and eventually break your hair and make it rough.
  • Use Keratin based shampoos if you’ve dry, damaged and brittle hair. Such shampoos will make your tresses stronger and healthier.

Up to the very end!

I hope you like this post on the right way to wash your hair with shampoos and then condition. If you’ve any questions, please leave a comment below.

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