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Beautiful Dark Circles Under Eyes Because Of Thin Skin
. Dark circles under eyes may appear because of hyperpigmentation around your eyes. In some cases, dark circles under the eyes can indicate a need for lifestyle changes, such as improvements to sleep habits or diet.

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Genetics are the biggest culprit. Dark under eye circles become very noticeable because the lower eyelid skin is one of the thinnest ares of skin in the body and allows subdermal while some of the causes of dark under eye circles may be outside of your control there are many ways you can take action to reduce dark circles under. Since the skin on our eyelid and under eye area is some of the thinnest in the body, it may cause those swollen blood vessels to appear darker than the rest blue veins under your eyes look dark, too, so it makes the eyelids and under eyes appear to have dark circles, but really it's just the veins.

If you inherit fair or thin skin under the eyes, it's more obvious when blood pools there (often because of slower circulation from lack of sleep).

The skin under the eye is normally thinner and sensitive than the rest of the face. Let's go over some of the causes of super thin skin under eyes. The thin and sensitive skin under the eyes makes blood vessels look darker. Leakage in the capillaries leads to blood pooling underneath the skin.